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Sander Cone

Sander Cone


Our Fine cone is one of the most technologically advanced cones specially designed to maximize sand production.

Fine cone can take throughputs of 200 TPH of (-40mm) feed producing (-20mm) or smaller material. The design can be optimized to produce more than 70 - 80 TPH sand (-4.75mm) with nominal production of ultrafine (-150 microns). The crushing chamber design is equipped to produce less flaky and well-rounded aggregates.

  • Optimized for maximal sand production - 70-80 TPH of sand with limited power usage
    • 160 kW motor is required unlike VSIs which require dual motors of higher ratings
  • The produced sand has only 10% ultrafine (compared to conventional VSIs which produce >20% ultrafine)
  • No further treatment of sand like water washing or air classification is required - can be directly used in RMC
  • Has benefits of SH series like Built-in Rotary feed distributor for 360° distribution, hydraulic power pack and others


Model SH200F SH400F
Max.Capacity 120-200 150-220
Max Power 150kW / 200HP 315kW / 400HP
Total Weight 13 T 28.5 T